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When you book your trip with us, you can design the level of luxury you desire. We offer accomodation in Moshi before and after your Kilimanjaro climb and also during your entire stay in our region. You can choose between low budget, mid budget and luxury accomodation category. A very special way to experience Tanzania is a homestay with a local women or family. Wanderwomen love to host you in their homes!


Room suggestions

The following prices (per person / per night) as of 2023 for accomodation in Moshi are approximate and include breakfast. Once you book with us we will arrange the reservation for you and confirm the price.


Luxury Lodges example

AMEG Lodge: $135 single room, $85 double room.


Mid budget Hotels examples

Panama Hotel: $60-70 single room, $40-45 double room, $30-40 triple room.

Altezza Lodge: $55-65 single room, $35-40 double room.

Low budget Hostels example

We travel Hostel: $25-30 single room, $15-20 double room, $15 triple room.


Homestay with a local women or family

$12 including breakfast and a hot meal.

During your Kilimanjaro climb


On all Routes except Marangu Route (which supplies huts) participants will sleep in tents on safari mattresses that are carried from campsite to campsite by the porters. There will be no running water, showers, or electricity. Twice a day you will recieve a bowl of warm water from us, each time you reach a camp after the hike as well as in the mornings. Toilets are simple and sometimes quite overwhelming pit toilets in outhouses at the established campsites. That is why we offer to bring a private portable toilet tent for you that will be set up and cleaned at every camp to give you more convenience and privacy.


Warm water every morning and evening


Privat toilet tent


On Marangu Route, both hiking and biking, you will sleep in permanent huts, which offer bunk beds in shared rooms (4-6 people) and toilets. There will be running cold water, but no showers. Wanderwomen will provide you with a bowl of warm water twice a day, every morning and everytime you reach the camp at the end of the day.


On our bike summit tour you will sleep in clean huts on the route (except first night of 6-day tour), which offer bunk beds in shared rooms and toilets, running cold water, but no hot showers. For the other bike tours you can choose between different types of accomodation.

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