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Bike Tour around Kili



On this round trip you will have stunning views of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro from all sides.

We recommend to do it in 3 days, but we also offer it as a 2 day tour for those of you who are really fit or have little time. Also we are happy to add nights in Moshi before and after the trip as well as airport transfer.



The day before the trip we will meet you at your hotel in Moshi for a short briefing about the tour and will, if you are up to it, take you on a walk through the town.

DAY 1:

From Moshi to Lake Chala


After breakfast our guide will pick you up at your hotel. She will make sure you have some snacks and enough drinking water in your day pack, as well as rain gear, suncream, sun glasses, your camera and first aid kit. The rest of your luggage, camping equipment and food will be taken by a car to the camp.

We will be riding from Moshi to Lake Chala on quieter roads. Moshi lies south of Kilimanjaro and you will have views of Africa´s highest free-standing mountain for much of the day as we ride eastwards. We will head through Savannah towards the Kenyan border and reach the camping site around lunch time. Our tents will be already set up by our team and hot lunch will be ready. Lake Chala is a beautiful crater lake fed by underground streams from Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a steep-sided crater wall covered in lush green vegatation offering a great view of the majestic mountain with all its peaks.

If you still have energy after lunch at the camp we will take you for a walk along some of the forest trails. You will be able to enjoy nature, catch some birds of prey and may also see baboons, and black and white colobus-monkeys in the trees. After shower and dinner we will rest for the next day.

Day one is the shortest day of this cycling tour, designed to give you time to acclimatise to the roads and the climate (some of you will not be used to the heat). Also you can prepare your minds for the coming day.

- biking distance: 50 km /31 miles
- biking time: 6 hours
- meals included: hot lunch, hot dinner

- accommodation: camping

DAY 2:

From Lake Chala to Kamwanga Village


After our first night in the bush we will start heading north, riding roughly parallel to the Kenyan border and around the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro. The route is varied taking you through the Rongai forest, home of blue monkeys and colobus-monkeys. The landscape will be more open now with bush and grassland stretching for miles around, and you will be able to see into Kenya. On our ride you will pass many Maasai people walking and grazing their cattle and sheep. After reaching Kamwanga Maasai village we will have lunch at our camp, which will be already set up like yesterday, and rest. In the evening we will gather around a barnfire, have drinks, listen to stories and enjoy the african night under the stars.

- biking distance: 84 km / 52 miles
- biking time: 6-7 hours
- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

- accommodation: camping

DAY 3:

From Kamwanga to Boma Ngombe to Moshi


On this last day of our trip you will have a lot to tell about the beautiful places. We will ride through Maasai farmland where you will gain a wonderful insight in the daily life of the local tribe. You will be heading south to complete the circuit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mighty mountain will now rise on your left hand side. As you continue along to the town of Ol Molog with green fields on either side the volcanic peak of Mount Meru, "Kili´s little brother" comes into view. We will continue southwards and eventually rejoin the tarmac road, beginning a gentle descent towards the town of Boma Ngombe. You will have hot lunch at Sanyajuu or Boma la Ngombe. Whenever you are ready we will drive you back to your hotel in Moshi from where we are ready to take you on more adventures in the beautiful Kilimanjaro region. Thank you for booking with us.

- biking distance: 98 km /61 miles
- biking time: 9 hours
- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch

Image by Ben Sp
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