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Rau Forest



A day in Rau Forest Reserve is like a day in paradise. Tourists come here for walking, hiking, cycling, animal viewing, bird and butterfly watching, photographing, filming, research and studying or even worshiping. This beautiful forest acts as a fuel to the travellers who are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It connects you with nature and is blessed with many attractions and services including wide varieties of flora and fauna species like many monkeys jumping from tree to tree, antilopes, beautiful birds and butterflies.

Rau Forest Reserve is located close to Moshi town, about 2km to the entry gate. We offer this tour as a full or half day trip. Transportation can be by local tuc tuc, by private taxi or bus, or you can choose this trip as a bike tour.

A day in the rainforest


We will pick you up at your hotel and drive you (about 15min) or bike with you (about 40min) to Langoni Entrance Gate. Inside the closed canopy forest you will find a variety of 71 tree species including unique and endemic trees like Oxystigma Msoo, Kilimanjaro Mahogany, Lovoa swynnertonii, Milicia execls and the giant Mvule, biggest tree in East Africa, as well as 50 fauna species. You will see many monkeys sitting and jumping in the trees (black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys), antilopes like dik dik and warthogs on your walk or bike ride through Rau forest. Also there are more than 15 bird species found like African spoonbill and a variety of amazing butterflies species like the common "mother of pearl", "gold handed forester", bees such as Apis mellifera adansonii, stingless bees (Mellipolina) and the Forest Marsh Snake. Silently walking through the forest makes you lose your mind and find your soul at the same time hear your breathing rates only. You will visit a milk water spring of which is said if you wash your hands in it and make a wish, it will come true. There is a picnic site for a nice lunch break. Next to the forest you can also visit rice fields and book a rice farm tour (not included). Whenever you are ready we will cycle or you will be taken back by tuc tuc, taxi or bus to your hotel.

What to bring

-Comfortable sneaker or hiking shoes


-Rain jacket (you never know ...)

-Day pack /small bag

-Suncream / sun hat

-Sun glasses

-Mosquito / insect spray for arms and legs if you are wearing T-Shirt and shorts

-Toilet paper or wipes


What´s included

- Transport from and to Moshi or mountain bike rental

- Government entrance fee

- English speaking guide

- Drinks (water & soft drinks)

- Lunch box or hot lunch

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