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Mount Meru



Trekking Mount Meru (4,562 m / 14,980 ft) is a brilliant preperation for your Kilimanjaro hike because it is a great way to acclimatize your body to high altitude and you also get used to climbing in Tanzania.

More and more trekkers are using Mount Meru, the second highest peak in Tanzania, as a warm-up trek for climbing the Roof of Africa. The mountains are just 70 kilometers apart, so you can easily combine them.

Second, when you climb Kilimanjaro you are not going to see any big wildlife. Kilimanjaro National Park does host beautiful monkeys and snakes, but you are not going to see a single giraffe, elephant or buffalo. That is a completely different story on "Kili's little brother". Your trek to on Mount Meru will be packed with wildlife and will be a fascinating walking safari.

Mount Meru is located in Arusha National Park, a beautiful park with a wide diversity of landscapes and wildlife. It lies on a 300-kilometre axis of Africa's most famous National Parks, running from Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in the west to Kilimanjaro National Park in the east. The park is just a few kilometres north east of the city Arusha and provides great views on Mount Kilimanjaro. To the main gate you drive 25 km from Arusha, 58 km from Moshi and 35 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport.


Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano, its caldera is 3,5 km / 2.2 miles wide. The several small cones and craters seen in the vicinity reflect numerous episodes of volcanic activity. Its last eruption was in 1910. The mountain is the topographic centerpiece of Arusha National Park. Its fertile slopes rise above the surrounding savanna and support a forest that hosts diverse wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, leopards, monkeys and nearly 400 species of birds. On all hiking days you will be escorted not only by your guide but also by an armed ranger from Momela Gate who will protect you against wild animals and inform you about the park´s nature and wildlife. The landscape impresses with rainforest, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and breathtaking views.



On this tour you are going to sleep in mountain huts, toilets are nice and clean. Healthy and nutritious meals will be served by a waitress (one of the porters who takes up this extra responsibility) at a dining table.

We provide a 3 days and a 4 days option on Mount Meru. If you want to be more comfortable and enjoy every moment on the mountain we recommend to take the 4 days tour. On the 3 days tour we will take the same route but skip the last night in Miriakamba Hut, instead come all the way down on a long descent day. So after summiting we will hike down to Saddle Hut where we will have a lunch stop and then continue downhill to the entrance gate.

DAY 1:

Momela Gate to Meriakamba Hut


Early morning we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the entrance gate of Arusha National Park. You will walk for 5 - 6 hours until you reach Meriakamba Hut just in time for dinner. On your way you will most likely see giraffes, elephants, monkeys, pumbaas (warthogs) and other wildlife.

- hiking distance: 14 km / 9 miles
- hiking time: 5 - 6 hours
- altitude gained: 1,000 m / 3,380 ft
- meals included: lunch, dinner
- habitat: rainforest


DAY 2:

Mariakamba Hut to Saddle Hut


Today you will hike 3- 5 hours from Meriakamba Hut to Saddle Hut. In the afternoon we will climb Little Meru (3,820 m / 12,533 ft) as acclimatization walk and get some awesome views before the sun goes down and we go to bed early after dinner.

- hiking distance: 6 km / 4 miles
- hiking time: 3-4 hours
- altitude gained: 1,000 m / 3280 ft
- meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
- habitat: rainforest to alpine desert

DAY 3:

Saddle Hut to Summit Socialist Peak to Miriakamba


We will wake you up at 1.30 am to trek to the summit passing both Rhino Point (3,800 m / 12,467 ft) and Cobra Point (4,350 m / 14,271 ft) along the way. There is no technical difficulty on Mount Meru climb, but the last stages of the route to the summit involve some scrambling. At the top we will have some time to enjoy the marvellous view before coming back down to Miriakamba hut.

- hiking distance: 18 km / 11 miles
- hiking time: 11- 12 hours
- altitude gained: 1,580 m / 3,300 ft
- descent: 2,580 m / 6,750 ft
- meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
- habitat: alpine desert to rainforest

DAY 4:

Miriakamba Hut to Momela Gate


Today we only descent. Before reaching the Gate we will visit one of the beautiful waterfalls. After finishing the last section you will be picked up and taken back to your hotel in Moshi.  

- hiking distance: 7 km / 4 miles
- hiking time: 3-4 hours
- descent: 1,000 m / 3,380 ft
- meals included: breakfast, lunch

What´s included:

- transport from your hotel to Mount Meru Gate (in and out)

- english speaking guide
- park fees (including ranger)
- 3 nights accommodation on the mountain in huts
- 3 meals a day
- clean water for all days
- salary for crew (guide, cooker and porters)

What to bring:

(we can arrange to hire any gear)

- hiking boots (well broken in)
- hiking gear (+ warm jacket, clothes / wind breaker)
- rain gear
- 4-5 pairs of socks
- warm hat
- thin gloves
- small day rucksack
- sleeping bag
- hiking poles
- headtorch
- sun glasses and hat
- sun cream
- water bottle (Nelgane or camel bag)
- personal toiletry (including first aid kit)
- snacks / energy bars


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