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Machame Route is the second most popular trail nowadays (after Marangu Route). Many trekkers like it because it provides impressive views and the variety of all 5 ecological habitats. About 50% of all climbers, and most seasoned climbers, choose the Machame route. It is also one of the cheaper routes due to its easy access and shorter itinerary. For most of last decade, if you were to ask a any mountain guide or tour agent which was their favourite hike on Kilimanjaro, they would most likely choose Machame and Lemosho Route. One reason is that these trails provide the best acclimatization by its "climb high and sleep low" profile and show one of the highest summit success rate (Machame: 90%-95%).

It is known as the "Whiskey Route", given its reputation for being a tough climb, in contrast to the easier and most popular Marangu route, which is known as the "Coca Cola Route". Unlike the gradual incline and hut accommodations found there, climbers on Machame hike steeper trails for longer distances, and they sleep in tents.



DAY 1:

Machame Gate (1,811 m / 5,941 ft) to Machame Camp (3,021 m / 9,911 ft)


We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning and take you to Machame Gate. There you will get checked in to Kilimanjaro National Park. While the team will be busy weighting the porters luggage, you will get a lunch box and have 30min to 1 hour for lunch, taking pictures and using bathrooms. Then you will start walking with your guides into the rainforest until you reach the camp, where your hot dinner will be prepared already.


- hiking distance: 10.75 km / 6 miles

- hiking time 6-7 hours 

- altitude gained 1,210 m / 3,970 ft

- habitat: rain forest

- meals included: lunch box, hot dinner

DAY 2:

Machame Camp (3,021 m / 9,911 ft) to Shira Cave (3,839 m / 12,595 ft)


After breakfast at the camp you will walk the whole morning. It will be a steepish climb north up through forest of stunted, twisted heather bushes. Ahead of you in the distance will be the lip of the spectacular Shira Plateau, a collapsed volcanic crater that became a World Heritage Site. The guide will remind you to walk "pole pole" (slowly slowly) to make your body adapt to the environment and altitude. You will have hot lunch and time to rest at the camp, before we will take you in the afternoon for another acclimatization walk.


- hiking distance:5.3 km / 3 miles

- hiking time: 4-5 hours

- altitude gained  818 m / 2,684 ft

- habitat: moorland

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

DAY 3:

Shira Cave (3,839 m / 12,595 ft) to Lava Tower (4,627 m / 15,190 ft) to Barranco Camp (3,986 m / 13,077 ft)


This day will be very important for your acclimatization. You will gain more altitude climbing up to spectacular Lava Tower where we will prepare a hot lunch for you. After a rest we will descent 500m / 1,640ft to sleep at lower Baranco camp. You will start walking through short tree forest (erica eborea and exselecia), accompanied by the sound of birds (like alpine chat) and notice on your way, how the vegetation has declined until only a few everlasting flowers and lichen manage to cling to life - you are in the alpine desert zone now. Ahead facing down you will marvel at the brilliant white smear of Penck Glacier. Soon you will reach the junction where Machame and Lemosho Route join. On your way descending to Baranco camp you will get to know the beautiful tree called Giant senecio, which is only found in higher altitude zones of the mountains in equatorial East Africa.

Even if you feel symptoms of altitude sickness on this day (light headache, nausea or stomach problems) don´t worry, this is just a sign of your body adapting to the altitude. You you will be fine after descending to the camp with your guide. There you can relax, enjoy warm water for washing as every day, tea, popcorn and later a hot dinner. 


- hiking distance: 10.3 km / 6 miles

- hiking time: 7 hours

- altitude gained: 788 m / 2,585 ft up to Lava Tower, 641 m / 2,103 ft descent to Baranco camp

- habitat: alpine desert, moorland

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

DAY 4:

Barranco Camp (3,986 m / 13,077 ft) to Karanga Valley Camp (4,035 m / 13,238 ft) or to Barafu Camp (4,673 m / 15,330 ft)


The length of today´s hike depends on which option you have chosen, 6 or 7 day itinerary. Either you will stay overnight at Karanga Valley Camp and continue on the next day, or after enjoying a hot lunch you will move on to Barafu Camp.


For both options this amazing day starts with climbing Barranco wall, a relatively steep and rocky trail, where you need to use your hands in few parts. You will pass the famous "kissing rock", which got its name because you have to hold on to it and hug it while you pass. There is no technical difficulty, but it might be a bit slippery during morning hours. We will walk slowly and safely as always, your guide will take care of you all day. The alpine zone is home of unique Kilimanjaro flowers and the most scenic views of the mountain.


Short day (for 7 day itinerary):

- hiking distance: 5 km / 3,1 miles

- hiking time: 3-4 hours

- altitude gained: 340 m / 1110 ft 

- habitat: alpine desert

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

Long day (for 6 day itinerary):

- hiking distance: 9.2 km / 5 miles

- hiking time: 7-8 hours

- altitude gained: 687 m / 2,253 ft

- habitat: alpine desert

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

Whether you will move on the same day after lunch or the following morning, this will be your exciting preparation day before summit push. Above Karanga Camp there will be no more natural water, so you will need your wipes for cleaning your body. Our amazing porters will carry enough water to make sure you can wash your hand on arrival at Barafu camp, get hot tea and the cook can prepare dinner for you. It will be an early dinner so you can rest some hours before we wake you up around midnight for summit push.

DAY 5 or 6:

Barafu camp (4,673 m / 15,331 ft) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 m / 19,341 ft) to Mweka Camp (3,100 m / 10,170 ft)


For the past 4 or 5 days you will have enjoyed some wonderful walking, miles of smiles and are will prepared for this final ascent. Now it´s time to do the hard yards and push yourself to fulfill your dream and reach the peak. We will wake you up around midnight and walk through the night with our head torches, under a million sparkling stars or the light of a full moon. According to our slogan “pole pole” (“walk slow”) we will have short breaks to drink lots of water and some ginger tea from time to time to prevent altitude sickness. You will enjoy the most spectacular sunrise you probably have ever seen and most likely stand on top of Africa´s roof late morning. Our team does everything to make sure you reach your goal safe and sound throughout your entire hike.

After zigzagging up to the first summit Stella Point (5,756 m / 18,885 ft) you will already see the huge crater with its glacier. Less than an hour will be left to reach Uhuru Peak, they highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. After taking memorable pictures and enjoying this precious moment we will return to Barafu Camp, where the porters will welcome and celebrate you dancing and singing. After a hot lunch we will continue our descent down to Mweka camp for dinner and your well deserved sleep.

- hiking distance: 17 km / 10 miles

- hiking time: 13-14 hours (7-8 h ascent, 6-7 h descent )

- altitude gained: up 1,233 m / 4,045 ft

- total descent: 2,795 m / 9,137 ft

- habitat: arctic ice zone, alpine desert, moorland

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner

DAY 6 or 7:

Mweka Camp (3,100 m / 10,170 ft) to Mweka Gate (1,633 m / 5,358 ft)


On your last trekking day we will walk through the jungle only downhill. You will have time to enjoy the lush nature with its extraordinary flora and fauna. Keep your eyes open and you will see beautiful birds, lizards and Colobus Monkeys or Blue Monkeys playing around in the giant trees. At the gate you will have the chance to get your muddy boots cleaned, take pictures with your team, have a last hot lunch and receive your summit certificate from your guide. We will pick you up with our vehicle and drive you back to your hotel. If you wish we can visit a nearby souvenir and handicraft market on the way.

- hiking distance: 10 miles

- hiking time: 3-4 hours

- total descent: 1,467 m / 4,812 ft

- habitat: rainforest

- meals included: breakfast, hot lunch

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