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Gear List

What you should bring to your Kilimanjaro trek
(you can hire any gear from us)

Luggage with total of max. 15kg

A duffel bag or backpack is ideal, large enough to fit all your clothes and climbing gear (suitcases or wheeled bags are not very suitable for this retreat because our porters carry your items on their shoulders or heads)



- hiking boots (be sure to break them in thoroughly before you arrive!)

- 3 to 4 heavyweight socks

- 3 to 4 lightweight socks

- 6 to 8 underpants

- thermal base layers (1 lightweight, 1 mid-weight)

- 1 to 2 hiking pants (can be full length tights)

- 2 mid-layer bottoms (fleece/wool)

- 4 to 5 T-shirts (quick dry)

- 2 mid-layer tops (fleece)

- waterproof winter coat

- waterproof jacket

- hat with brim/visor

- warm hat

- ski mask / balaclava

- gloves thin and warm (waterproof)

- sunglasses and sun hat


Optional Clothes

- scarf

- hand/foot warmers

- gaiters

- bandana



- Travel size bottles in Ziploc bags

(please note that it is illegal to bring plastic bags to Tanzania)

- Shampoo/Conditioner

- Body / face wash

- Toothbrush /Tooth paste

- Oxybenzone-free sunscreen (reef-safe), SPF 30+

- Lip sun protection, SPF 30+

- Bug spray with DEET

- Feminine hygiene products

- Ear plugs

- Deodorant

- Quick dry towel

- Wet Wipes

- female urinating device (funnel)

- personal med kit (pain killer like Aspririn/Paracetamol, malaria prophylaxis during your stay in Tanzania, possibly DIAMOX during the hike to prevent altitude sickness)



- sleeping bag (0-20°F / -18 to -6°C): if you don´t bring your own you can hire it here

- headtorch with extra batteries

- trekking poles (highly recommended)

- water bottles (Nalgene water bottles heavily suggested): you will need to have a minimum of 3 liters in your daypack every day during the assent (this can be a combination of water bottles and camelbags, but you must have at least one bottle as camelbags will freeze on summit day)

- granola / power bars

- outlet power converter—Tanzania has 230V Plug Type G outlets

- waterproof case for mobile phone (for Waterfall Tours)

What´s included

- spacious mountain tent for two persons

- 2-inch foam sleeping matress

- walk-in dining tent with table and chairs

- portable privat toilet tent with toilet paper

- full board during the hike: hot breakfasts, hot lunches, hot dinners, daily snack


- minimum 3 liters of sterilized water on trekking days plus water, tea and coffee at camps

- safety equipment: pulse oximeter, first aid kit, oxygen bottle

Important reminders

We ask you to bring your hiking boots in your carry-on luggage or wear them on the flight to Tanzania to avoid issues if your luggage is lost. Nothing can be as excruciating on a hike and make life hell than shoes that don´t fit.


All clothing items for your climb should be wool or fleece/synthetic, NO cotton blends (cotton does not insulate when wet).


Please dress respectfully - it is culturally appropriate and recommended in Tanzania to cover shoulders and ensure any skirts or pants pass the knees. Full length tights while hiking is fine.


All necessary equipment must be packed, if you are missing anything of the above - we can hire it. Try not to overpack as porters will be carrying your luggage with a maximum weight of 30 lbs (15 kg).

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