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Bike Safari & Maasai Tour


This extraordinary bike tour will lead you to Enduimet Wildlife Management Area, a jewel in the most northern part of Tanzania. It will be the adventure of your lifetime. Enduimet barely has any tourists compared to the other Tanzanian National Parks, but has lot’s of wildlife and amazing views on Mount Kilimanjaro. We will take you right into the wild to cycle alongside the stunning East african fauna and flora.


Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a located in the basin land of the western foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro bordered with Kilimanjaro National Park in the South-East and the Tanzania-Kenya boundary in the North. The corridor serves as an important seasonal migration route and dispersal area for wildebeest, zebras and elephants moving between the two national parks Amboseli (Kenya) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). It is home to the biggest elephants in Africa.

Enduimet is an amazing wildlife biodiversity hot spot that supports animals like elephants, zebras, giraffes, impalas, gazelles, buffalos, wildebeest, antilopes, monkeys, sarthogs, springhare, gallagos and beautiful avian species that can be seen by tourists when visiting. Hyena, lion and even leopards are there but rare to see during the day. We can feel safe on our Safari because all visitors will be accompanied by a local ranger holding a gun and securing our safety at all times.

Important note:

Don't go close to wild animals like elephants or buffalo and always listen to your guide and the ranger.

But there is more - this tour also offers a great way to experience the Maasai Tribe and their natural life. Endiumet WMA sets a good example of a community based conservation area where the local Maasai pastoralist are benefiting from tourism and conservation initiatives.

You will be invited into their boma (homes), learn about their culture, sing and dance with them. Singing and dancing are essential expressions of the Maasai and offer a rich opportunity to share joy across language barriers. Since most ranger are maasai, we will have someone to translate maasai language into Swahili or even English for us, so you will be able to ask questions.



DAY 1:

From Moshi Town to Sinya Camp


In the morning we will pick you up at your hotel in Moshi and drive 2,5 hours up to the sign board of Kilimanjaro Lemosho Gate. Here we are going to start riding our bikes up to Enduimet Gate about 10 km / 6,2 miles, where we will have lunch. On our ride through the park alongside wild Acacia trees we will be able to see notable animals like giraffes, zebras and many more and be accompanied by the sounds of many birds and insect voices. Our car will always be behind us scouting us for any emergency and for any needs (water, snacks, bicycle gear etc.). After lunch we continue our ride for another 25 km / 15,5 miles to Sinya public campsite where we will spend the night. On arrival at the camp you will get warm water for washing, enjoy hot tea or refreshing soda and a hot dinner. We will watch the sunset, see and listen to the many birds around and later gather around a barnfire before sleeping in our tents.


Option: For those you don´t fancy camping we can arrange the overnight stay in a lodge.

- biking distance: 35 km /21,7 miles
- trail: gradually uphill on asphalt and dirt roads
- meals included: hot lunch or lunch box, hot dinner

- accommodation: camping or lodge

DAY 2:

From Sinya Camp to Moshi Town


After breakfast we will be hop on our bikes early in the morning and start riding for 2 hours to a Maasai village to experience their unique ancient culture. You will be invited into their bomas (homes) to enjoy traditional Maasai Chai (tea with milk). The Maasai women will explain the inner workings of their domestic life. You’ll learn how they build and maintain their homes, a women´s duty, and how it hosts an entire family for eating, recreating and sleeping. You will also visit their livestock, which may include cows, goats or sheep. Herding and slaughtering are men´s tasks. They will explain the value of livestock and their duties to care for this source of income and pride. Eventually you’ll be invited to learn some traditional songs and dances and try on Maasai clothing and jewelry for photos or purchase. After that we will ride to Enduimet Gate, have lunch there and then ride back to the gate where we will be picked up an taken back to Moshi by our bus.

- biking distance: 40 km / 25 miles
- trail: up- and downhill on asphalt and dirt roads
- meals included: hot breakfast, hot lunch

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