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Meru Forest



Hiking through the beautiful forest and river bed at the foot of Mount Meru to this stunning waterfall is like walking through paradise. In the lush rainforest of Arusha National Park you can spot monkeys, precious birds, small animals like chameleons and hundreds of elf like butterflies, that show you the way.

The local name of Meru Forest Waterfall is "Napuru". Its located 10 km outside of Arusha Town. We offer transportation for this tour by public small bus (in Tanzania called "dala dala"), by private taxi or you can choose this day trip as a bike tour.

Hiking in paradise



We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning after your breakfast and drive you up to the gate of Meru Forest Reserve. From here we will hike through the river bed for about 1 hour down to a stunning waterfall, where you will have the chance to take pictures and refreshing bath if you dare.

After enjoying this oasis we will walk back to the entrance where you will have a local hot lunch at a relaxing picnic area within the forest. Whenever you are ready you will be picked up by our taxi or take the bus and taken back to your hotel, mind and camera full of unforgettable memories and pictures of this unique retreat .

What to bring

-Comfortable shoes for hiking

-Rain jacket & trousers (you never know ...)

-Day pack /Rucksack

-Swimming suit, towel


What´s included

-Transport from and to Moshi or Arusha

-Government entrance fee

-English speaking guide

-Local hiking poles

-Lunch box or local hot lunch


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