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Mount Kilimanjaro

 and make a difference

We are an all female owned and guided tour agency, one of only two in the entire of southern Africa. Our team is specialized in Mount Kilimanjaro trekking and biking and offers more unforgettable tours within the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania.

​We are here to remind you that you are a superhero just like us. We know that you are capable of anything you put your heart and mind to and we are here to be a helping hand in making your dream come true. 

Special Ft

What Makes Us Special

We create unforgettable memories and offer you a unique way to connect with local people, especially women in a very personal way behind the curtain of traditional tourism. By sharing stories and experiences, enjoying honest and respectful conversations across cultural divides we will learn from each other.

We create a "safe space" in case you might feel unsettled or face obstacles as a women - for personal or cultural reasons. Unhindered by the presence of males, you will be able to "let your hair down" when surrounded by the same gender.

We make our female costumers feel comfortable and facilitate their Kilimanjaro climb also in the "little things", because we are women ourselves and know about specific female challenges. You can feel free to ask us anything (read more about advices for women).


We are breaking ground by challenging societal norms and gender stereotypes. Our Wanderwomen are blazing a trail by taking Africa´s highest summit by storm as a mountain team. We want to be role models for girls and women around the world.

We enable you to reveal your full potential and stretch yourself to new heights with the support of our mountain guides - all highly experienced, english speaking and trained as Wilderness First Responder. We will take care of you and make sure you feel absolutly safe with us (read more here) !


We prioritise empowering local women by providing a fair income to them and their families (learn more about Women in Tanzania). Our female porters get paid double of the usual wage. Moreover we limit the weight each porter carries up the mountain to max. 18kg instead of the usual standardized 20kg.

We measure your oxygen level every day (oximeter) on your Kilimanjaro trek and carry an oxygen bottle for you on all routes so we can provide maximum help in the unlikely event that you suffer severe altitude sickness on the mountain (learn about altitude sickness here).


We are working in all women teams but certainly happy to welcome female as well as male clients and show them: women can do the same jobs on the mountain as their male counterparts. They do it with  endurance, willpower and joy at work. Come and experience the warm hearted way our team cares for you, their amazing zest for life and pride of being african women!

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