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Chagga Culture


Machame Waterfalls are located about 27 kms from Moshi. We offer transportation for this tour by public small bus (in Tanzania called "dala dala"), by private taxi or you can choose this day trip as a bike tour.


These Waterfalls are the most amazing and beautiful falls located at the southern foot of Mount Kilimanjaro found along the different rivers which run from the very top of the Kilimanjaro´s glaciers. However, the falls are in the heart of local Chagga people. This is the "third Tanzania tribe" near the famous Kilimanjaro National Park entrance "Machame Gate", starting point of the "Machame Route".

The trekking tour to the waterfalls offer a beautiful scenery and landscape through lush nature. It will allow the visitors to see fascinating caves, and experience the traditions and lifestyle of the local Chagga people who own the land and grow bananas, coffee and other crops.

Refreshment and local culture



We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning after your breakfast and drive you up to Machame Gate. From here we will hike through the lust rainforest for about 1/2 hour down to a stunning waterfall, where you will have the chance to take pictures or even a refreshing morning bath if you dare.

After enjoying this first oasis we will walk back to the car and drive you up to Kalali Point. From there we will walk 1 hour through the forest to more beautiful waterfalls, where you will have another chance for a refreshing swim.

Still, there is more to see, we will take you through the rainforest along the river to see some interesting historical caves and tell you all the stories about it.

For lunch we will stop at a local Chagga place where you will be served traditional food. After lunch and as much relaxing time as you like, we will show you how Chagga people plant and prepare coffee. You will learn a lot about coffee as well as banana farming.

After an interesting day you will be picked up by our bus and taken back to your hotel, mind and camera full of unforgettable memories and pictures.

What to bring

-Hiking gear

-Comfortable shoes for hiking

-Rain jacket & trousers (you never know ...)

-Day pack /small bag

-Swimming suit


-Water bottle


-Some money

What´s included

-Transport from and to Moshi

-Government entrance fee

-English speaking guide

-Local hiking poles

-Lunch box or local hot lunch


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