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African Masai in Traditional Dress



Traditional lifestyle


Historically Masaai people are nomadic and later semi-nomadic people, nowadays they settle down in small villages like the one you will visit with Wanderwomen. With us you can experience life in a traditional Maasai compound near Arusha, and see how homes are build today just as they have been for generations. You will have the opportunity to observe, enjoy and participate in traditional songs and dances, performed by Maasai women and men. We will also provide the unique opportunity to talk to an english speaking member of the Masaai tribe. You can ask them your personal questions about their culture and life style. Welcome and enjoy Masaai culture with us!

We also offer this unique cultural experience in combination with Mount Longido hike (see: Mount Longido).


What´s included

-Transport from and to Arusha or Moshi

-Entrance fee for Snake Park

-English speaking guide fee

-Lunch box or local hot lunch (of choosen as a full day trip)


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